2020 Biesse (Viet) Opera 5 XLL Brush Sander

2020 Biesse (Viet) Opera 5 XLL Brush Sander

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  • Frame of carbon steel made up of electro-welded profiles
  • Adjustable 55SH rubber coated and grooved pressure rollers
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with "CE-Norms".
  • Belt change on left side
  • Hexagonal wrenches kit for routine maintenance

Electric cabinet

  • "Check panel" alarms with LED
  • Automatic Star/Delta starter for main motors
  • Pad-lockable main switch
  • Thermal relay protections on all motors
  • Amperometer for all main motors
  • Electronic digital readout with automatic thickness positioning
  • Motor protection IP 54

Safety devices

  • Front emergency bar
  • Infeed pressure roller with over-thickness and anti-kickback system
  • Disc brake on each unit for EMERGENCY STOP -BREMBO-
  • Front and rear emergency pushbuttons

Emergency STOP

  • Sanding belt breakage
  • Sanding belt not in tension
  • Sanding belt running out
  • Low compressed air pressure
  • Sanding belts and conveyor motor overload
  • Door opening (bypassed with key-selector)
  • Front machine over-thickness detector

Pneumatic system

  • Pad-lockable compressed air cut-out valve
  • Air filter with condensation separator with automatic drain
  • Self-lubricating system for pneumatic components

Sanding drums

  • Made of steel, mounted on eccentric Shaft, to adjust the sanding belt thickness
  • Drum rubber with helicoidally grooves, balanced and rectified
  • Dust collection hoods with special design for best performance
  • Pneumatic ON/OFF of unit from panel control
  • Sanding belt tension rollers made of steel, balanced and rectified
  • Front pressure rubberized roller (1 roller)
  • Back pressure rubberized roller (1 roller)


  • Worktable made of machined steel
  • 60Sh rubber conveyor belt with ground laminar surface
  • Pneumatic conveyor belt tracking
  • Front table extension: 1 (one) motorised rollers
  • Rear table extension : 1 (one) motorised rollers


ModelViet Opera 5-3.3 XLL
Serial Number1000037763
Stock NumberMA-0815230830-22
Power600V, 60Hz, 3Ph, 17A
Net Weight (kg)4950