2013 Cefla MITO-K CNC Spray Machine


2013 Cefla MITO-K CNC Spray Machine


The MITO-K is a reciprocating spray machine with a paper conveyor, offering a synergy of productivity, flexibility, and reliability, coupled with cost-effectiveness and efficient use. This spraying machine is well-suited for applying water or solvent-based lacquers and glues of various types.

The MITO-K can process up to 10 door faces per minute. Adjustable speed, by inverter 1.5 - 6 m/min Paper belt width: 1500 mm
Working width: 1300 mm., including edges Length of paper roll 2800 mm. The minimum length of workpieces: 250 mm Thickness workpieces max. 60 mm.


  • Reading Barrier; lacquer saving system through high precision photodiodes barrier, reading pieces at the infeed side. Data are transmitted to PLC - controlling guns’ opening - to optimize spraying operations.
  • Overspray suction system; consisting of a double set of dry filters for the separation of lacquer particles from sucked air: an efficient solution to reduce maintenance costs. The extremely large filtering surface ensures effective air flows: machine is cleaner and finishing quality homogeneous.
  • Plenum; high efficiency filters and special shape of the roof assure clean air at input of booth enclosure.
Automatic air flow system monitors and maintains consistent air flow through spray booth; this system produces an enhanced quality of finish, because of less overspray in the spray booth. Use of large surface of dry filters in exhaust air filtration system is very efficient and limit operational maintenance costs. Dry exhausting system is the most suitable for waterborne lacquers.
  • The spray system is designed to accept 4 (four) spray guns and 2 (two) lacquer feeding circuits


Serial Number13004/01
Stock NumberMA-0815230830-22
Power480V, 60Hz, 3Ph
LocationBrantford, Ontario