2014 Homag Profi KAL 310/6/A3 Edgebander (Left)


2014 Homag Profi KAL 310/6/A3 Edgebander (Left)


The Homag Profi KAL 310 Edgebanders are the work-horses of the industry - reliable and efficient.


Working Capacity, 0.3 - 3 mm Edge thickness cap., min. panel width 55 mm; max. panel thickness 60 mm; feed speed variable from 18 - 25 MPM (59 - 82 FPM).

Equipped with:

  • Pre-Milling Unit: (2) Motors, 3 kW - 9,000 RPM each motor; pneumatic controlled/jump milling spindles and adjustable, manual with digital indicator infeed fence.
  • Hot Melt Glue System: Quick Melt Unit with reversible glue roller applicator.
  • Edge Magazine: Automatic 1-Coil/strip magazine, coils 0.3 - 3.0 mm.
  • Pressure Section: Pressure roll section with (3) rollers. (1) Large dia. driven & (2) idle rollers; "NC" adjustment of pressure zone through the control for different edge thicknesses.
  • Spraying Device: Top and Bottom spray nozzles for applying separating agent, for easier cleaning of any residual glue on panel.


  • End Trimming Unit: (2) Motors, 0.5 kW (0.7 HP) - 12,000 RPM each motor; cuts excess edge on the front & back of the panel.
  • Flush/Pre-Trimming Unit - Top & bottom Trim Station, 1.5 kW (2.0 HP - 12,000 RPM) Motor; +/- 1° angle adjustment, manual positioning with digital counters.
  • Profile Trimming/Corner Rounding Unit: (2) Multifunction motors to process the edge overhangs at the workpiece upper & lower edge, as well as trimming around the front & rear edge; (2) 0.55 kW (HP 0.73) each motor.
  • Open Station: Open space of 23.6" (600 mm), for future installation of a working unit.
  • Profile Edge Scraping Unit: Electro-pneumatic adjustment.
  • Finish Process Unit with Glue Scraper + Buffing Unit: Flat top & bottom panel surface glue scraper & buffing, removes any potential squeezed-out glue residue.

Operator & Machine Control:

  • HOMAG "Power Control PC 22 + Windows "XP" operating System.
  • Controller on separate console with 19" flat screen display, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Includes fault diagnostic, OS9 real -time operating system.
  • Complete with & Features Electronic DC brakes on all trim motors; sound cabin for all workstations. Adjustable outboard panel support with swing out arms for up to 800 mm. 80 mm Feed track pads; manually adjusted V-groove belt on top pressure beam, and Sound/Safety enclosure over workstations.
  • Actual Model is HOMAG KAL 310/6/A3/S2 "LEFT-HAND" Feed Configuration.


ModelProfi KAL 310/6/A3
Serial Number0-200-66-0024
Stock NumberMA-0815230830-20
Power400V, 60Hz, 3Ph
LocationBrantford, Ontario