2014 SCM Accord 30 FX 5-Axis CNC Router Machining Center

2014 SCM Accord 30 FX 5-Axis CNC Router Machining Center

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This is a machining centre for the production of windows, doors, stairs and solid wood parts.

  • workable area: 3680mm x 1680mm (144.8" x 66.14")
  • 15hp main 5 axis spindle with on board rapid 12 tool changer, plus rapid 16 rear tool changer
  • 16 spindle drilling block
  • ACCORD 30 FX - Workable - X-Y Machining area = 3680x1680 (144.8 x 66.14”)
  • DUO Prisma KT Machining Head

The machining head with 5 interpolating axes, fixed directly to the mobile gantry, guarantees maximum strength during routing operations and provides top finishing quality also with high stock removal.

Characterized a particular configuration with axes rotating at 50°, Prisma machining head offers several advantages than traditional 5-axes machining units such as:

  • full use of machining areas both with 5-axes and with vertical spindle
  • spindle overall dimensions kept out of the working area
  • very streamlined form of spindles in the case of horizontal machining

The machining head is equipped with a 11 kW “High Torque” electrospindle and has centralized exhaust system with automatic air flow activation/disactivation on working units present. Technical specifications:

  • routing unit with 5 interpolating axes
  • electrospindle with HSK 63F quick release tool-holder
  • rotation speed 600-18000 rpm
  • right and left rotation
  • power 11 kW (15 HP) 9000 rpm (on S1 duty)
  • 15 kW (20 HP) inverter
  • C-axis rotation = 640°
  • B-axis rotation = 270°
  • C-axis equipped with TTS locking system (Total Torque System – patented by SCM) - “for life” grease lubrication
  • liquid cooling with heat exchanger
  • automatic exhaust hood with several positions and ON-OFF by work piece program

Six FX-MATIC Bars - L1600 (63”) The worktable is equipped with:

  • 2 fixed side bars
  • 6 motorized bars in aluminium movable in X direction
  • motorized mat for chips unloading

Each mobile bar equipped with: 

  • 3 motorized bases to support clamps and vacuum cups
  • Cleaning blowers on each mobile base
  • Pneumatic lock/unlock for quick replacement of clamps and vacuum cups
  • Prearrangement for lifting supports
  • Prearrangement for supplementary stops

The system for the vacuum locking of the pieces has 2 independent working areas.


ModelAccord 30 FX
Serial NumberA A2/003041
Stock NumberMA-0815230830-21
Power400V, 60Hz, 3Ph
LocationBrantford, Ontario